Book Design

Book design is the arrangement and shaping of text and image content within the parameters of a front and back cover…it is the shaping of content; it is the bridge between the original manuscript and the end user…A printed book is…the culmination of a group effort, between author, publishes, editor, designer and printer at least; often other specialists are also involved to realise the book.

Book Design: Principles and Process p16

Books are more than pages, board, glue and thread – they are artefacts of the human spirit and hand.

Jason Thompson, Playing with Books

Book: A portable container consisting of a series of printed and bound pages that preserves, announces, expounds, and transmits knowledge to a literate readership across time and space

Andrew Haslam, Book Design

But it is also possible to have books without writing, using only images and pictures. With the rise of e-books the portable container can now be of many types including mobile phones. With the rise of self-publishing the traditional relationships between different actors has significantly changed.

OCA Modules

Part 1: Beginning

History of Book Design: printing and publishing
The Creative Design Process
Assignment: my Books Zine

Part 2 : Form and Function

The Anatomy of a Book
Book Genres
Front Cover
Approaches to Design
Assignment: Jacket Design

Part 3 : Principles

Working with Images
Assignment: My Little Book of …

Part 4 : Materials and processes

Managing Colour
The Printing Process
Alternative Aproaches
Assignment Altered Book

Part 5: Production

Publishing models
Assignment Your Choice

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