Edges Reframed: Cornwall

St Ives in Cornwall is a location that I have visited frequently for different projects in the course of my OCA degree. In particular for courses at St Ives School of Painting.

St Ives – and Cornwall itself – is a peninsula. One that is in cut off in different ways culturally and economically from the rest of England, Britain and Europe. This was shown very much in the Brexit debate focusing on fishing, but also in the movement for Cornish identity, the Cornish flag.

Edges and barriers people imagine and construct.

the ways in which tourists separate in groups, and also as individuals, when on holiday in search of a ‘romantic wild’ of the coast path or surfing or their particular patch of sun and sand – or just a deck chair.

My body of work in Sustaining Your Practice builds on the text and image work from :

VisCom Advanced Practice Part 2 : Text and Image: Woman Living Lost.

It consists of five interlinked projects that reinforce each other in deepening my understanding of edges people construct, and ways of reviewing and reframing the ways we relate to each other.

Lost on the Way to Zennor

A photobook of a walk along the coast path. Inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s ‘Field Guide to Getting Lost’ and Fay Godwin’s black and white photography, it looks at the edges I construct myself between me and others in my ‘Search for the Wild’ in places where actually I am grateful for the security of knowing other people will pass soon if I need them.

Some of my photographs and sketches are reproduced as scraperboard, linocut and drypoint images for cards for the local and tourist market also looking for the wild.



A second Photobook from a walk along the Coast Path between the Geevor and Bottallack mines in Penwith. This has a darker black and white aesthetic and takes a more documentary approach based on information from mining cooperatives and the National Trust and developed with them.

Selected images are reproduced as scraperboard, linocut and drypoint images for cards for the local tourist market.


Wheal Dreams

A socio-economic photo-documentary with local fishermen and women from a walk along Smeaton’s Pier. Video??

In colour and with photographs selected by the people themselves.

Love and Other Islands

Black and White photobook from walking around St Ives and my work on the other projects about the ways in which people erect boundaries between groups, and also individuals. Separation between communities by locality or religion in the town. The way tourists separate when on holiday in search of their particular patch of sun, sand and surf – or just a deck chair..

The Island

Terry Gilliam-style animation about Pendinas social history and concepts of island edges and insularity from sketches around the Island.