Future Edges: Ongoing Projects and Plans

‘Future Edges’ is outlines and starts to bring together further bodies of work continuing the themes and media approaches developed in ‘Edges in Time’. Envisaged for the medium term after SYP they point to a substantial potential body of location-based work around visual documentary narrative, applying technical and conceptual insights from the projects above to revisit projects that were substantially developed as part of earlier modules. Some of these projects were never presented for assessment because Covid-19 prevented further location visits. Some projects were presented for assessment but are here reformulated based on audience feedback for final publication and/or uploading to my You Tube channel in the light of further visits, new technical skills and clarification of my ‘voice’ since original submission.

In all cases these SYP projects represent a substantial development of earlier work to a professional audience-oriented standard, to form the main outputs of my SYP submission. The precise content and number of outputs, and extent of local engagement and input will however continue to depend on how far current COVID restrictions and vulnerabilities develop over the course of 2022. The aim is to finalise a substantive body of selected final images, books and moving image works for publication on Amazon Kindle and/or Apple and/or on-line dissemination on the Zemni You Tube channel.

A key aim in terms of ‘Sustaining My Practice’ is to develop technical skills and visual approaches that I hope to carry forward in current plans for a Graphic Design MA focusing on ‘Journeys as Beginnings’ to produce engaging animated and interactive on-line documentary accessible to global audiences. Some selected clips and images will be uploaded for feedback and social networking on Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram and possibly Stock Image sites to create a constant presence and grow the size of my on-line audience for more finished work.

Garden of ‘Perpetual’ Minfdulness’

Further develops plans for:

  • an illustrated book based on sketches for Illustration Sketchbooks A5 (not due till June 2022, but I will develop plans here)
  • series of Tiktok short video clips and rotoscope animations
  • video of a summer’s day ion my garden as part of my final submission for MI A5 December 2022

Bench, Cam Edgelands

‘Cam Edgelands’ is a photography and printmaking project about environmental and social issues caused by rapid development of peri-urban river edgelands along the river Cam in Chesterton.

Linked to Conservators of the Cam, City Council and local activist groups.

  • Edgeland Diaries: sketchbook, iPhone documentary and writing from life (January – December 2022).
  • Building Bridges: Photoscreen, screenprint and solar plate images of the old railway and new cycle bridges to complement those of ‘Bridge’ on A14 Road Bridge in VCAP (printmaking workshops summer 2022).
  • Bench photobook updated and revise from the earlier draft building on insights from the diaries and printmaking processes.

Aldeburgh Diaries, Suffolk

  • Moot Tales: a small book of retold stories/locally relevant texts or poetry based on found images in textures in Aldeburgh. Print and possibly animated e-book using TVPaint and After Effects
  • Reflections in Grey: video and finalisation of VCAP book
  • Selected images as cardcuts???

SYP A3 an further possible visits winter 2022. But probably not necessary.

Ghosts of Dunwich, Suffolk

Dunwich is the iconic lost city ‘Atlantis of Suffolk’. The main focus of this project will be a semi-documentary ‘weird and eerie’ video ‘Ghosts of Dunwich’ looking at mixes of past, present and future time, combining my photographs and video with You Tube audio mix of enthusiastic ghost hunters, Sizewell radiation leak monitors and people just there for the bracing walk along the beach.

SYP A4 after further visits April and May.

Lake Reflections, Cumbria

  • Flood: Derwentwater 2019 a semi-humorous photobook of images about a now distant time before Brexit and COVID of Biblical reference and implications for global future.
  • Threlkeld: Lakeland Futures a photobook about Threlkeld Mining museum and the ways in which a difficult past is presented and experienced as a tourist attraction as part of the future Lakeland economy.
  • Japanese Connection a set of photographic and woodblock prints presenting Lake District landscapes in a Japanese style that might attract a UK and international (particularly South East Asian) market for cards and/or calendars.

SYPA2 drafts complete. Finish by Jan 2023 after new visit Oct 2022 and printmaking workshops.

‘Life in the abstract’ is a project conducted in parallel to the location narratives, feeding into and drawing on my visual work. It consists of a series of animations and interactive animated maps that explore and clarify systemic frameworks of philosophical, scientific, psychological and political debates underpinning my work in this course:

  • Ethics, aesthetics and activism
  • Environmental debates in the UK that underpin my location narratives and activism
  • Time, reality and consciousness: ontological questions and evidence that inform my understanding of my own subjectivity and experience and documentary communication of time and place.
  • Political debates around social and economic inequalities and democratic processes in UK that underpin my location narratives and activism.

An important longer term aim is to develop my abstract diagramming communication skills that are central to my professional work going forward. And a key focus as part of my plans for a Graphic Design MA following this BA degree.

A lot of work to be done on this in parallel to, building on and feeding into my location work

Through processes of creative abstraction I bring together insights from reading and on-line sources brought together in the padlets below. These will be added to and possibly further subdivided by theme, throughout SYP. These are referred to and linked in different ways through the padlets for individual projects.

  • Mapping Journeys of Thought: concept maps from notes, reviews, reading and reflections
  • ‘Now Time Moving’ animated abstractions exploring the subjective experience of time in the context of scientific, psychological and philosophical debates linked to Moving Image Assignment 3.
  • ‘Freedom on the Edges of Chaos’ animated abstractions exploring ideas of edges, time, determinism, free will, chaos and power underpinning my subjectivity and political activism linked to Moving Image Assignment 4.