I work across multiple media: photography, printmaking, drawing, painting and animation/moving image. I have been influenced stylistically by very many people in different media. I am interested in anything from very simple line work to use of textures and ways of working with different materials. I am interested in monochrome styles and also colour.

The artists people who influence me most are people with visions that resonate and have something they want to say about life – along a spectrum from very subjective/surreal/stream of consciousness to political satire and documentary. Some have a very dark humour (the way I am too much of the time), others more optimistic (the way I prefer to be, particularly as I get older). People from whom I think I and others can learn about life and the world.

But my attempt to identify the ten most influential visual artists was highly problematic. It select sources of inspiration – conceptual or aesthetic – based on the particular project I am working on. In ‘Living on the Edge’ much will depend on the particular media I select for each project, and also the outcomes of my derive reflections.

Starting a conversation is difficult. Some of these people are dead. Others too well-known and already pestered by people to bother with me. Until I have done as much as I can and produced something I am keen to show – networking mostly with people who are still learning like me and potential audiences for my work. My main tactic is to attend exhibitions when there are no COVID restrictions and ask questions. I have also posted comments on You Tube and Facebook. I have not so far attempted Instagram or Twitter – partly because they are such busy fast-moving social media, I think any questions from me would get swamped.

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This was difficult – I need to distinguish between:

  • people whose style I have been inspired by – across the range of photography, moving image, printmaking and illustration
  • people whose vision and voice are similar to my own – concern with social, political and environmental issues in UK and globally

This new list only includes people who tick both boxes, though not necessarily the top of either. The list will be further amended as I do further thinking about visual documentary and psychogeography and find more people who

  1. Laura Grace Ford
  2. Dan Eldon
  3. Fay Godwin
  4. Stanley Donwood
  5. Tracey Emin
  6. Richard Littler
  7. Anna Boghiguian
  8. David Hockney
  9. Maggi Hambling
  10. Marcus Bleasdale
  11. Ibrahim El Salahi
  12. N’gendo Mukii (VisCom4Dev)

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