2.1 Lost Edges: Norfolk Marshes

Burnham Overy is one of the five ‘Burnhams’ on the Norfolk Coast Path in the district of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. It is a relatively remote area about 20 miles from King’s Lynn and 30 miles from Norwich. Historically Burnham Overy on the River Burn was the port for the surrounding villages of the Burnhams. The larger village of Burnham Market is less than 1-mile to the west) and Holkham Estate is 3 miles to the east. Google Map

Between Burnham Overy Staithe and the sea, the river spreads out into multiple tidal creeks through the salt marshes that fringe this stretch of coast, and finally reaches the sea by passing through the fronting sand dunes at a gap locally known as Burnham Harbour. Small boats can reach Burnham Overy Staithe through this gap and creek. Today Burnham Overy Staithe, and the associated harbour, is a major recreational sailing centre. It is also the point of departure for ferries to the Scolt Head Island National Nature Reserve.

Photographs September 2018

Photoshop for photoscreen preparation

The rejected images were much more contrasty, and so had too much chromatic aberration and noise that was not possible to remove. But their bold silhouettes were also quite atmospheric. So I started to experiment with Photoshop to see how they might convert into colour Photoscreen. Nothing startling yet, but something I intend to explore further.