2.3 Ghosts of Dunwich

Focus on black and white line and shape – why?

graphite, ink, scraperboard, linocut, woodcut. Waterbased inks.




Tourist views of the coast

Dunwich beach

An interesting set of video interviews about what Dunwich Beach means to people walking along it.

Dunwich beach means nature and beauty in its rawest form to me. The feeling of soft pebbles, fine sand and salty water beneath my toes makes me truly appreciate the world we live in. The smell of fragrant heather wafting around the beach, mixed the misty salty air, makes for the best natural perfume anyone could wish for. The distant sound of children playing, dogs barking and the waves crashing is the most magnificent music to my ears. These few simple things are what makes Dunwich beach so beautiful to me.

Landscaoe photography examples
Landscaoe Art examples
Japanese styles including Zen ink, abstraction and colouring of photos.
Dutch styles
Feminist perspectives

dXO vs Lightroom and Ohotoshop