4.1 Edgeland Reflections

!!sketchbook and changes

This assignment asks me to revisit and redo an earlier project that I would like to extend in some way – because it no longer reflects my personal voice and/or technical skills.

I decided to revisit my natural landscape prints and look at how a more socio-political perspective could be applied to make them more powerful. Drawing also on discussions in Landscape Photography about the Female Gaze and psycho-geography. And in the process to extend the project to compare the different treatments offered by different print media and combinations.

In Search of the Wild: earlier work

I worked on natural landscapes in several projects in my earlier courses using different media:

Printmaking 2 Natural landscapes stone lithograph

Assignment 1 Willows monoprints and etchings

Printmaking 1 Monoprints

I have also done Watercolour and Acrylic paintings

And produced photos for my landscape photography course.