Deliverance is a live project around themes of migration and gender-based violence. The images are based on found images from gouache daubs in my sketchbook, digitally processed on iPad and then edited as a Blub book in Lightroom.

Deliverance is a live project which I am still working on – to produce new images and a more coherent narrative around gender-based violence and/or migration. The current images were published as one of a series of experiments in self-publishing as a Blurb book for submission for Illustration 2 assessment.

Found gouache images: imagining and cropping

The images  developed out of a series of rough sketchbook doodles to explore colour mixing in gouache for Illustration 2:  Oromia: Reflected Journey. I had not really used gouache much before and wanted to see how my limited gouache tubes could make good dark blacks and greens, or whether I would need to buy more. I was also experimenting with differences in mark making with different brushes between watercolour (which I have used before) and gouache (which is pretty new).

My flat brush daubs began to suggest people and landscapes, and some of the blues and other colours are quite vivid – suggesting a nativity scene and flight from Egypt. Consonant with the very ancient religious culture in Ethiopia, stories of the twelfth tribe of Israel and style of some of the art.

Digital Book draft using iPad and Lightroom

I imported the images into Procreate as part of my exploration of iPad art for the Critical Review: iPad Explorations and started to experiment with blend modes and colours. Rotating images as I combined and blended them made different images appear. Different blend modes focused on different parts of the image. I enjoyed the process and liked the effects. I first though of some Xmas cards from the first two images (further manipulated in Photoshop) together with cards from the light landscapes to go with some of my Aldeburgh abstract landscapes.

Then I tried to sequence them as a narrative book. I imported them to Lightroom and sent to Blurb for publishing – taking advantage of pre-Xmas bargains.

Live project

This is a live project I would like to take forward. In general I like the images, and responses from people I have shown the book to are positive. But I need to think a lot more about the narrative.

The current images and colours are suggestive of biblical/Ethiopian themes eg the story of Exodus or the nativity narrative raising issues around refugess and micration. In taking this further I need to read more about Ethiopian orthodox religion and Judaic traditions, and work through on the story. Starting this time with the story, and re-visiting the original images to make more. Probably some new gouache doodles as well. Re-purposing some images possibly as Xmas cards or on-line experience.

I am also looking at ways in which the narrative and images can be re-purposed as more monochrome images around bride kidnap for project work on Kyrgyzstan: Dreams and realities in VisCom3 Advanced Practice.

Comments and suggestions please!

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