Feminist Gaze

A core element in the ‘Zemni Vision’ is an exploration of what might be meant by a ‘feminist gaze’. What difference does my identity as a Western woman committed to human rights mean for the way I see things, what I choose communicate and how I do it. Drawing on the work of feminist artists, illustrators and photographers, but considering feminism means as an inclusive vision for men as well as women. Going beyond anger towards real change.

This perspective builds on my auto-biographical and documentary work and is a key dimension of my current work for Advanced Practice and Visual Research modules.

A number of illustration projects looked specifically at the female experience:


1950s Woman’s World – a flat world of advertising, consumption and conservative fantasy putting on a show for the viewer. Based on my (maybe wrong) childhood memories of the life of my grandmother.

Woman's World
Woman’s World

I used the idea of ‘female gaze’ in experimentation with media and perspective on Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Some of my printmaking has also been concerned with domestic relationships and violence.

A number of live projects include:

  • ‘A to Z of Love and Sex’, revisiting Book Design Assignment 5: A to Z from Armageddon to re-purpose and extend the images as ‘poignantly humorous feminist letters’ dealing with the contradictions in our cultural attitudes and behaviours.
  • The Wild Man: based on ‘found wood narratives’ from Aldeburgh and a feminist re-telling of the tale of the Wild Man of Orford. Part of ‘Tales from the Edge’.
  • Journey : a series of ‘found watercolour narratives’ around sexual violence.


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