10: One Mouth Kissing

10: One Mouth Kissing

2018. Monoprint. 40 x 59 cm. Assignment 6 Synthesis. Concept: The title is a pun on the Zen ‘sound of one hand clapping’. The image started as an internal exploration of loneliness – what it felt like to be one mouth kissing. But the rather gushing image that came off the press I now see as one of determination to seek and give love, fighting – even if I feel at times alone – against rumour, ‘fake news’ and darkness of a very uncertain world. But importantly – the image helped me rediscover my sense of humour! This image was originally inspired by study of Maggi Hambling’s artsitic vision and techniques in my parallel project and Camille Claudel’s poignant sculpture of separation L’Âge Mûr.

Technical details: Monoprint using Schminke water-based ink, salt and water on Arches watercolour paper.

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