From Life

In parallel to this inward-looking work, I have used sketchbooks to record life around me, both at home and overseas.

‘LIfe Drawing’

My drawing originated in Life Drawing classes since 2004 and an ongoing practice. I work mostly in graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolour and oil pastel. Using these also as the basis for printmaking.

Airports and cafes

I also use many hours I spend in airports and cafes to observe and sketch people. I am particularly interested in different fashions. I am experimenting with ways of using an iPad for sketching and/or further developing my pencil sketches.

Street  Life

I am also interested in street photography and ways of using photographs as the basis for illustrations and documentary about urban life. I am interested in observing behaviour, experiences and relationships of women and men of different ages, ethnicity and economic background. Including experiences of homelessness and disability – having had short periods of both in my life.

Documenting from life – both my own sketches and ways of using photographs is a key focus of my Documentary work, and my work for Advanced Practice Module.

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