This project takes a playful look at ‘mindfulness’ and movement through time and the different ways in which it can be experienced and expressed.

  • ‘Mindfulness’ as a way of slowing life down and feeling happy in the moment, whatever is happening beyond. It has been a key influence throughout my life, both at a personal level (despite many lapses), and also the way I experience and see the world and across all my visual communications practice.
  • Mindfulness as ‘being mindful’ – constant awareness and ability to react to sudden changes in circumstances, opportunities and dangers.
  • Garden of Zen: Sketchbook
  • Life in Quick Time is a series of rotoscoped video animations
  • Butterfly Effects
  • Cyano-Types
  • Spectres in Blue

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Garden of Zen

Life in QuickTime

‘Quick Time Tales’ is a series of moving image and rotoscoped animations and sketches based on video of wildlife in my garden. Exploring the ‘mindfulness’ of wildlife in my garden – constantly looking around to make sure they are safe and the sudden switches between slow movements and then very rapid communications or flight.

‘Squirrel time’ is a series of rotoscoped animated clips from videos of wildlife in my garden. Rotoscoping is an important part of my practice beyond SYP. The rotoscoping process is itself ‘mindful’ and requires intense attention to timing and placing of drawings to capture the nuances of character, movement, and communication of different animals. It improves not only my skills in video capture and animation, but also expressive drawing and photography of ‘decisive moments’.

These experiments build on several projects in Visual Research, Moving Image 1 animation and photographic and video work for VCAP. The study of animals in a context where it is relatively easy to take reasonably close-up video also feeds into my animations in SYP project ‘Bramblefield Chronicles’ where filming wildlife with an iPhone was rather more difficult. Quick sketching from the videos on a big screen also provides the basis for improving my quick life sketching skills.

Beyond SYP some of the successful animated clips may be suitable for posting on-line to build my profile on TikTok or You Tube. In the longer term I also envisage extending and developing the sketches and narratives for an illustrated book ‘Garden of (perpetual) Mindfulness’.

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Butterfly Effects


Spectres in Blue