This Moving Image project looks at the philosophy and experience of walking from a feminist environmentalist perspective. It explores my own contradictory memories and experiences of walking alone along a path when I was a teenager on the ‘edgeland’ outskirts of Manchester. And hints at some of the implications for a more sustainable future.

It experiments with different forms of animation:

  • animating still photographs through processing in Photoshop, and animating filters like Silver effects to manipulate light
  • combining still animation with video in Adobe Premiere
  • animating text in After Effects
  • animating illustrations in ink and scraperboard from my sketchbook.

The project takes the same sets of photographs, video footage and sketchbook drawings from walks through Hagg Wood in the Holme Valley, Yorkshire in 2015 and 2019. A small woodland walk managed by the Woodland Trust. This is a resource set that I have thought about a lot and started to develop in VCAP, but decided I did not at that time have sufficient skill or time and focused on other projects. For SYP I produce a new body of work from this source material, building on recent moving image skills and new ideas from my reading and video research, showing how the same visual sources can be interpreted in very different ways with very different messages. Pointing to the potential of art to radically change how we feel and what we think – about past, present and future.

  • ‘Tree Song’ takes the original colour images together with further images, video and audio to produce a video documentary to capture the feeling of colour, life and light and the ways in which the ‘trees sing’ at dawn in what is a beautiful summer walk.
  • ‘Hast thou slain the Jabberwock’ is a much darker edgy project that animates contrasty black and white interpretations of the Hagg Wood images. It originated in ‘Jabberwocky’ – a small 6-page text and image project using for Book Design 1.

The Moving Image work will form part of assignments 4 and 5 of Moving Image experimentation, adding animation and text in Adobe After effects. It builds on and is complemented by:

  • a concertina sketchbook of pencil drawings with distorted perspectives. These will be further developed as dreamlike ink and/or scraperboard illustrations
  • a printed small book that extends the original Book Design project

Tale 1: Tree Song

Made with Padlet

Tree Song‘ is a sunny colour interpretation – how things actually looked and sounded including audio of a beautiful dawn chorus in May. Linked to the work of the Woodland Trust, the project builds on scientific research on the ways in which trees link and ‘talk’ to each other and the possibilities for caring for trees. Raising the question of whether ‘edges’ between them and us actually exist.

Inspired by Stanley Brakhage and Alan Scovell.

This will be produced for Moving Image Assignment 3 Documentary. Something like the style of the edited photo on the right, with dawn audio as an atmospheric dreamy Stanley Brakhage/Alan Scovell style video using 2019 video and edited versions of the colour image in the Lightroom slideshow.

Slideshow of 2015 original images in Lightroom

To these images colour video and further photographs were added in 2019.

Tale 2: Hast Thou Slain the Jabberwork?

Made with Padlet

The inspiration started with the images I had taken on the walk in 2015, a very sunny day with flickering light and shadow. I found them very interesting when I converted the colour images to high contrast Black and White in Lightroom as part of a photography experiment. The first image of the light coming down the path in particular reminded me of the poem Jabberwocky – but a rather sinister version.- the way I felt and sounds exaggerated or invented – about how the threat of male violence affects women’s experience of walking, even in apparently ‘safe’ environments. Inspired particularly by the photography of Daido Moriyama, but also the prints of Emil Dore and others.

Jabberwocky – and the subverted world of Alice in general – had been favourite poem and book of mine when I was a child. I researched the poem in Wikipedia and followed the weblinks from there to find out more about the meaning of the words as intended by Lewis Carol. Starting as a poem for a school magazine and the word ‘Jabber’ or gossip. So many possibilities to extend the meaning beyond an evocative nonsense rhyme. I have not yet decided whether I will alter the male text of the original poem – probably I will use the images to contrast rather than alter the words. Still a lot to think through.

The aim will be to produce a number of ‘edgy’ images, books and moving image outputs in high contrast Black and White, playing on fears around violence and male threats to both women and the environment. As well as violence towards the environment.

  • Concertina sketchbook developed in different ways for Scraperboard drawings, monoprints and photolithography prints. Possibly videoed for You Tube.
  • 32-page print book based on the above 2022 draft that could also be produced as an e-book with page animation for on-line viewing. A lot of work to do to make the (new) photomontage work with the typography.
  • Possibly a video, depending on how easy that proves to be with some sort of eerie distorted voiceover. If that proves too difficult/clumsy with my current skills and, then at least a promo clip.
Slideshow of ‘edgy’ black and white images converted in Lightroom
Starting to experiment with differential processing in SFX that could be animated

Concertina Sketchbook

Concertina Sketchbook on location 2019

In 2019 as well as video I also made a concertina sketchbook of expressive pencil drawings, taking photographs as reference. These will be

Uses these as the basis for scraperboard and Photolithography printmaking. Probably also some colour paintings/drawings.

Could publish on You Tube as animated concertina sketchbook.


Jabberwocky 2015

First draft of 6 page text and image project for Book Design 1

‘Hast Thou Slain the Jabberwork’

Amended book draft 2022, just splitting up the original images to slower pace book length. All to be properly redesigned with typography in Photoshop and InDesign.

Creative Monochrome images: photography, photoscreen and photolithography.

The Moving Image work also builds on styles of experimental photography, photolithography and photoscreen originally developed for VCAP.