Me Me Me

Much of my Visual Communications work to date has been part of my own search for artistic identity. Self-reflection on my own life, motivations and instinctive reactions are an essential understanding of my own subjectivity in order to move on.

Much of my work for Book Design 1 was around concepts of identity – how books have influenced my life. I also experimented with distortions of the letter ‘I’ in a typeface called ‘Anonymous’ to produce a short personal narrative ‘Anon’ around ideas of identity.

Some of my illustration work has also been implicitly autobiographical as I experimented with acrylics and collage.

My best recent work is in printmaking where I combine humour with a darker poignancy as I worked through a mid-life crisis. This included collage and monoprint experiments.

And a set of abstract self-portraits in Drypoint chronlcling key statges in my life.

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