Shadow Wall: Light Edges in Slow Quicktime

‘Making the World a Better Place’ for me includes highlighting the beauty of simple things that we can all enjoy, whatever our background and resources. Ways of slowing life down and feeling happy in the moment, whatever is happening beyond.

Some of the most beautiful sights in my own life are simple but mesmerising plays of light filtered through shadows that dance on flat surfaces or water and change from moment to moment – one of the nearest (frequent) experiences my life gets to spirituality.

My exploration of ‘edges in time’ therefore starts with light dancing and experimental timelapse animations that can communicate this abstract experience of life and time. This is evolving from first experiments for a Moving Image module project to look at the effects of speeding up and slowing down and of introducing animated mirror and kaleidoscope edges in Adobe Premiere and After Effects and colour grading. To develop skills that I can later apply to more complex sequences – as has become fashionable in many film intro sequences with differing degree of imapct/cliche.

Link ideas with Plato’s Shadows in the Cave?? David Lynch? Brothers Quay?

Of the current experiments I prefer the black and white/cream but want to explore mirror and kaleidoscope cutting, and subtle introduction of colour plays. And think about the different mood effects. Some fun time. But people might like them on social media.