Tales from the Edge

This is a series of images produced from ‘found texture narratives’ in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Textures from boats, wood and stone were photographed and manipulated in Procreate on my iPad Pro. These currently need a much clearer narrative thread – planned for further development in Advanced Practice Assignment 5 as a book and/or series of After Effects animations on a Zemni You Tube channel.

Aldeburgh itself is ‘on the edge’ in a number of ways:

    • the extreme vulnerability to the encroachment of the sea that has halved the land originally occupied in Aldeburgh and nearby Thorpeness and Orford – currently generally held at bay with barriers and groynes, but threatened in the longer term by global warming.
    • to the North the skyline is dominated by Sizewell nuclear power station – with periodic leaks though none so far serious.

1) Ozymandius

My first day in Aldeburgh we went to Maggi Hambling’s exhibition ‘On the Edge’. Her large paintings deal with themes like global warming and migration. Afterwards walking along the sea front I noticed the interesting edges and textures on the ageing tractors used to pull the fishing boats.

I am planning to re-edit these images to fit around the words of Shelley’s poem Ozymandius, linked to themes of environmental destruction.

2) Moot Histories

The flints on the Moot Hall suggested a series of images linked to Aldeburgh history.

The Wild Woman 

Images suggested by an old sheet of wood propped up against some nets. Based on the tale ‘the Wild Man of Orford’ this will be rewritten with new edited images around themes of  romance, deception, love and courage.


These images were all edited from three photographs of fishing nets. A reworking of the first 6 might form the basis for a narrative. The kaleidoscope images in the second row might be interesting backdrops, or animated in After Effects.

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