Tales from the Edge: Overview

Tales from the Edge: Overview

Slideshow below is just a place holder – to be redrafted for A3 in InDesign pdf with more up to date images and balance between media. I also want to include video clips in the final pecha kucha.

The body of work presented here for ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ is a body of creative visual documentary work that explore personal, environmental and political ‘edges’ in contemporary life in England.

It consists of a series of alternative visual narratives generated by four ‘English Edge’ locations:

  • ‘Edges of Suburbia’: alternative photographic narratives about the road where I live.
  • ‘Edges Lost and Found’: a mix of photographic narrative and photographic imaginings of Shingle Street and Aldeburgh, vulnerable locations on the Suffolk Coast.
  • ‘Edges of Mindfulness’ a mix of wildlife documentary and photographic imaginings about my garden and house.

Also relationship with text.

I am interested in the interrelationships between documentary, visual creativity and activism and how this is affected by different styles in different media, different narrative forms and for different audiences. Using different media approaches and contrasting styles and approaches, the projects explore some key challenges for creative visual documentary aiming to challenge and change social and economic inequalities, human environmental impacts and understand post-Brexit opportunities and challenges for ‘building back better’. I reflect on the personal, social and economic disruptions caused by Brexit, the COVID-pandemic and the escalating climate crisis and what might be meant by ‘building back better’. The work aims to discover and present information and provocative ideas to inspire activism by myself and others for ‘building back better’, focusing on environmentally sustainable and equitable development in our protection, enhancement and use of ‘edge spaces’.

The portfolio consists of:
• Selection of resolved derive outputs for sale as short illustrated books or photobooks, art prints in different media and/or animations/moving image selected on the basis of market potential indicated by audience and tutor feedback.
• ‘Zemni voice’: other experimental work brought together in on-line galleries and interactive experiences. Some of these images may have an on-line and/or local market as ‘Zemni’ cards and/or artwork to develop and showcase concept development and technical skills for Zemni promotion in the longer term.
• interactive on-line web experience that brings together as a coherent whole project conclusions about ‘Edge narratives’ and ways forward for my own creative documentary process.

Relationship with politics??? Compassion fatigue and distancing

Edges of suburbia: Happenings in Anywhere Road

‘Happenings in Anywhere Road’ brings together three documentary photography and video explorations of my experience of life on the street where I have lived since 1984 – one of the very many peri-urban semi-detached housing estates of upwardly mobile residents in UK.

I start to disentangle some of the underlying ontological and representational issues inherent in the process of ‘documentary’ itself – partly a sociological dialogue with the writings of George Perec and Marc Auge, visual documentary of Laura Grace Ford and video of Frances Alys.

Although the projects are about the place where I live, the fragmented nature of the place and my own circumstances within it mean that this is an ‘outsider view’ in some ways more than my understanding of places I have lived in other cultures. creative photography images that explore how these everyday private images can be manipulated to create anonymised images that raise questions about everyday ‘anywhere/anytime’, traces of unknown dramas and ways of coping in what is quite a sterile environment. They also present glimpses of beauty in the present: changes with the seasons, light and shadows, reflections, colours and the occasional appearance of people, pets or wildlife.

Happenings in Anywhere Road a photobook inspired particularly by the photographic storytelling of Alec Soth and ??

Based on experimental projects:

Anywhere Noir

Colour Fragments

Fragments Walking : My own subjective walking journeys through the place with experimental iPhone video clips of the process of walking along the road, seeing fragments of my body, sounds and events around me. (MI3 project).

Edges Lost and Found: Suffolk Coast

Outsider narratives

  • Through the Window Pane
  • Escapes into the Interior
  • Moot Histories
  • A Mermaid’s Tale

Edges of Mindfulness: Home and Garden

Nature of subjectivity