Tales from the Edge: Portfolio Narratives

Edges in Time: Overview

Slideshow below is just a place holder – to be redrafted for A3 in InDesign pdf with more up to date images and balance between media. I also want to include video clips in the final pecha kucha.

The body of work presented here for ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ is a series of alternative visual narratives generated by six ‘English Edge’ locations. Using different media approaches and contrasting styles and approaches, the projects explore some key challenges for creative visual documentary aiming to challenge and change social and economic inequalities, human environmental impacts and understand post-Brexit opportunities and challenges for ‘building back better’.

Each project in different ways explores interlinkages, interferences and tensions between:

  • ‘explorations in now-time’: ways of heightening personal ‘stream of consciousness experience’ of place and affecting ‘hauntings’ from past memories and future visions, hopes and fears merge in our experience of the present
  • ‘shifting histories’: ways in which multi-layered and multi-perspectives on physical, social and environmental remembered and re-imagined ‘realities’ are manipulated for consumption in the present time
  • ‘unstable imaginings’ of future uncertainties – where alternative potentialities are often shaped and restricted not only by personal experiences, but powerful economic and political forces.
  • how different media – sketching, moving image, photography and printmaking – and aesthetics affect perception, understanding and communication of time.

Happenings in Anywhere Road

‘Happenings in Anywhere Road’ brings together three documentary photography and video explorations of life on the street where I have lived since 1984 – one of the very many peri-urban semi-detached housing estates of upwardly mobile residents in UK.

Although they are about the place where I live, the fragmented nature of the place and my own circumstances within it mean that this is an ‘outsider view’ in some ways more than my understanding of places I have lived in other cultures. I starts to disentangle some of the underlying ontological and representational issues inherent in the process of ‘documentary’ itself – partly a sociological dialogue with the writings of George Perec and Marc Auge, visual documentary of Laura Grace Ford and video of Frances Alys.

Fragments Walking : I start with my own subjective journey through the place with experimental iPhone video clips of the process of walking along the road, seeing fragments of my body, sounds and events around me. (MI3 project).

Layered Appearances: I go on to look at the externalities of appearances: the ways in which people assert their identity through their house fronts and gardens and building work, concreted drives for multiple cars for ease of ‘tidy maintenance’ and to avoid vandalism isolation. And particularly issues of privacy and loneliness – shutting out and protecting property. I construct collage and photomontage of photos since 2014 of how houses, gardens and objects on public view have changed and what can and can’t be said from these appearances about the life of inhabitants.

Bramblefield Chronicles, Cambridge Edgelands

‘Bramblefield Chronicles’ is an experimental photography and animation project experimenting with creative DSLR/iPhone photography and video capture and processing and how together with sketchbook work this can form the basis for animated narratives.

Linked to future possible volunteer work with Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust and local school next to Bramblefields.

  • Bramblefield year experimental time-focused DSLR and iPhone photography through the seasons (September 2021 – January 2023)
  • Pumpkins sketchbook and illustrated plan for children’s book from IS4 (February ISA4)
  • ‘Beasts of Bramblefield’ draft video and animation based on existing and new footage?? December (MIA4/5)

Hagg Wood: Holmfirth, Yorkshire

  • Tree Song: dreamy colour video of the woodland walk on a summer’s day (MIA3).
  • Hast Thou Slain the Jabberwock? an edgy animated e-book with audio and short promotional video clip.
  • Hagg Wood cards: scraperboard and ink images from my sketchbook that might have a local as well as on-line market to promote the Woodland Trust location and camp-site. And/or part of a walk guide for local sale.

SYP A3 main work March linked to MIA4. Possible further visit on the way to and from the Lakes. But not necessary.

Moot Tales: Aldeburgh, Suffolk

‘Moot Tales’ is an imaginative body of work creating narratives based on textures in Aldeburgh.

  • ‘Moot Histories’
  • A Mermaid’s Tale
  • Rust Poems
  • Nets
  • Lifelines: Sketchbook work

Colours of Shingle, Shingle Street, Suffolk

  • Outsider on the Edge: Photobook of images from the eve of Brexit with texts of local background – possibly interviews.
  • Colours of Shingle: video of different walks around Shingle Street showing the colour and layering of different moods MIA4).
  • Colours of Shingle cards: experimental eco-poetry and cards based on my sketchbook and printmaking media Gelliprint, solarplate). For local sale.

SYPA2 Drafts complete. Finish SYP A3 after new visits and discussions with local people March-May 2022

Love and Other Islands, St Ives, Cornwall

Body of work around St Ives.

Revisits earlier work and Teetotal St.

Teetotal Street video/interactive e-book/revised book with audience feedback. Stream of consciousness diary over a week. Reviewed in the light of longer term relevance and audience appeal.

Love and Other Islands Photobook

‘The Island’ Stop Motion animation and woodcuts. Drawing on the above.