Us Too

Central to all my work is a ‘Zemni’ vision based on a mix of socialist, feminism, environmentalism and a belief that simple living and love are the best routes to happiness and long life. At the same time a realisation that none of these are straightforward or without their own complexities and contradictions, and I myself do not always live up to my worthy goals.

Me Me Me

Much of my Visual Communications work to date has been part of my own search for artistic identity and self-reflection of my own life, motivations and instinctive reactions as an essential understanding from which to move on. My best work has attempted to combine some humour with a darker poignancy as I worked through a mid-life crisis.

From Life

In parallel to this inward-looking work, I have used sketchbooks to record life around me, both at home and overseas.

Feminist Gaze

Underlying much of my image-making – linked to my professional consultancy – is an exploration of feminism. What this might mean for men as well as women. Going beyond anger towards real change.

Life of Zemni

This is a live project where I hope over the next few years to communicate my ‘Zemni Vision’ in a series of cartoon-style graphic novels around ‘Zemni’s World’. A humorous but provocative questioning of ‘meanings of life’ and what we are doing to the world.