Woman Walking: Hagg Wood

This first project looks at the philosophy and experience of walking from a feminist environmentalist perspective. It explores my own memories and experiences of walking alone along a path.

It takes the same set of photographs and sketchbook drawings from a walk through Hagg Wood in the Holme Valley, Yorkshire managed by the Woodland Trust. But develops and interprets them in very different ways with very different messages.

1.1 Seeing the Wood for the Trees

This first part of the project experiments with selected images from photographs and my sketchbook using creative prompts to explore different interpretations.

It includes optimistic interpretation in colour drawing on recent scientific about the ways in which trees communicate with each other, and the possibilities for caring for trees. Linked to the work of the Woodland Trust.

It also develops the black and white images from my sketchbook and photo series in different ways for Scraperboard drawings, monoprints and photolithography prints.

1.2 And Hast Though Slain the Jabberwock?

An ‘edgy’ moving image narrative in high contrast Black and White based on the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

It plays on fears around violence and male threats to both women and the environment.