Zemni Voice: creative documentary questions

The body of work presented here for ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ – ‘Tales from the Edge’ – is a body of creative visual documentary work about ‘edge places’.

It is part of a longer term cross-media concern with creative documentary and activism underpinning my creative identity and all my visual work. Drawing on and feeding into the location projects I was also concerned to further develop my conceptual and technical skills for my future work. This included:

  • In-depth thinking about the nature of documentary and interlinkages between multiple ‘objective’, ‘subjective’ and imaged perspectives in the context of diversity and unpredictability of audience responses and meanings within and between cultures
  • Potential possibilities and limitations of visual narratives to convey these complexities – particularly in relation to time – and the ways in which some of these might be addressed in different media, or working across media
  • What all this means for creative visual documentary for future activism to ‘Make the World a Better Place’ accessible to different global audiences. Fleshing out also some future plans.
Page Contents

This page provides and overview and links to theoretical and experimental explorations that underpin my portfolio work:

What Are We Documenting and Why?
Visual Documentary Approaches

The following padlets from VCAP and VisRes to be updated and streamlined around the implications of the above readings around the nature of ‘Reality’ and the political and environmental issues I want to address in the Portfolio narratives.

Of particular interest are the works of:

  • Mark Fisher
  • Perec
  • Auge

and references in the earlier Documentary and Landscape Photography courses and Reportage Illustration – though these are dealt with in more detail in the page on Media Approaches.

I have done a lot of reading to get a grounding in the issues I want to incorporate in my visual work. But have not yet had time to add everything and synthesise my own views and conclusions – the narrative portfolios needed to be developed to a certain point first to avoid getting overwhelmed with centuries of accelerating conceptual debates.

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Time, Place and Consciousness: ‘Reality’ challenges

I start by trying to disentangle a range of issues around subjectivity and experience that have always dogged debates about qualitative research in sociology and anthropology. And also my own professional research practice.

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Activism and Ethics

The following two padlets to be significantly updated in the light of my reading and You Tube viewing, related to the Portfolio Narratives I have identified. Of particular interest are writings of:

  • Deleuze and Zizek about capitalism, democracy and activism
  • Debates about rewilding, ‘trespass’ and sustainable farming and tourism

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