Landscape is an important element in my painting and photography practice. Much of this is expressive and moody, rather than figurative. I enjoy letting the media guide the image, seeing where that leads, then cropping and considering what it might mean. It is then (I hope) possible over time to ‘engineer’ the ‘happy accidents’ while still retaining energy and freshness.

Watercolour, gouache and mixed media

Most of my early landscapes were very much ‘accidental’ based on a broad idea and feel that I wanted to achieve from the media. Then cropping.

Middle East

In my work for ‘Greed Game’  I was interested in how very simple suggestive blobs of ink and glue or mixing of pools of ink could suggest ‘exotic’ dream landscapes.

Chine colle and collage

Chine colle and collage work bases itself on shape and composition.


The iPad presents a whole new range of possibilities to explore more intentional imaginary landscapes, though cutting, colouring and blend modes even from the same visual elements.

Series from ‘A to Z from Armageddon’ uses iPad photos of treacle drips on crumpled tissue paper and processes these in different ways to create a range of surreal moods and effects.

Times of day from ‘Tales from the Edge’ produced landscape variants from a simple photograph of a rusty tractor.


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