Image-making is a necessary part of my own process of making sense of life in our sometimes beautiful, but often insane world. In my ‘parallel life’ as global consultant in participatory development in Africa, Asia and Latin America I meet many wonderful, inspiring people. I see stunningly beautiful scenery – human rural and urban landscapes as well as ‘wild natural’ remote environments. I also see many shocking examples of violence, exploitation, environmental degradation, waste and powerlessness. The more I travel, the more questions I bring back about life at home  – where are our ‘developed’ lives trying to get to, why and at what cost? My image-making is a way of working through the darker side to come out the other end and ‘look on the bright side of life’.

 I work in a range of still and moving image formats in a range of media combining photography, drawing/painting, printmaking and digital media. Some of my work is experimental, exploring different media and effects in response to a wide range of briefs.

Alongside my own artistic practice I support processes for collaborative art, photography, video and web communications as part of peoples’ own documentation of their lives.

Underpinning all my work is an interest in narrative and interlinkages, complementarities and conflicts between ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’ perspectives, and how to navigate the inevitably infinite range of creative possibilities to create images and narratives that can in some ethical sense ‘make our world a better place’ and reach people who do not have the resources and privilege to buy ‘quality work’.

Zemni Images Manifesto October 2021

‘Edges in Time’

This blog focuses on my work for ‘Edges in Time’ a series of visual documentary projects exploring representations of time and place in different media using material from peri-urban, river and coastal ‘edgelands’. These were developed for the final ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ module for an on-line Visual Communications BA degree with Open College of the Arts.

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Overview Pecha Kucha presentation forthcoming April 2022

For media-specific portfolios with details of processes, techniques and inspiration, see the blog links below. (all to be updated with material from this module by September 2022).

Single images in high resolution format can be purchased on my professional SMUGMUG website:

Also through:

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Much of the work on this website is also:

  • freely available on my Zemni Images You Tube and Tiktok Channels (forthcoming)
  • in low-cost e-book format on Apple or Amazon (forthcoming).
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