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    Etymologies of Edges in Time The etymological roots of both ‘edges’ and ‘time’ come from cutting. Etymological origins Old English ecg ‘sharpened side of a blade’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch egge and German Ecke, also to Old Norse eggja (see egg2), from an Indo-European root shared by Latin acies ‘edge’ and Greek akis ‘point’. edge (n.) Old English ecg “corner, edge, point,” also “sword” (also found […]

  • Media experiments and links

    Media and material experiments  I work in a range of media combining drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, painting and digital media.  Collage Glue Gouache, watercolour and acrylic Graphite and charcoal Ink iPad Pastels Photoshop Recycling My working process Some of my work is experimental, exploring different media and effects in response to a wide range of […]

  • Sketchbooks

    This series of experimental sketchbooks about ‘Everyday Edges’ aims to complement my location derive projects through providing a ‘safe creative fun space’ for: a safe space for freeing up, having fun and brainstorming ideas the ‘help me think’ as a place to bring together sketches, photographs and notes for specific thematic or location project work […]

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    Political satire collage Cold War Steve is the nom de plume of Christopher Spencer, a British collage artist and satirist. He is the creator of the Twitter feed @Coldwar_Steve. His work typically depicts a grim, dystopian location in England populated by British media figures, celebrities, and politicians, usually with EastEnders actor Steve McFadden (in character as Phil Mitchell) looking on in disgust.[1] His work has been described as having […]

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